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Hi....thank you so much for the sofia the first background and air foil balloon. My two girls like them so much.! Your services is very fast. Next day morning already reach my house! Thanks again!
- Tracy Chung From Shah Alam
Extremely well priced, very helpful & answer all my questions. There was a lot of choice when it came to balloons & party items, but took the time to help me out. Thanks!!!
- Linda From Batu Pahat
You all are amazing. At, we cannot thank you enough for your care, service and advises for all products that they are selling. Beautiful!! You all the best!!!
- John Ang From Sarawak
Everything was just perfect & will be highly recommending to everyone who want to buy party items online. Delivery was fast too! Thanks again and hope to deal with them soon!
- K.Y. Lee from Melaka

Largest Online Balloons And Party Items Supplies In Malaysia.

   Qualatex 18 Inch Heart Keep Calm And Kiss Me Foil Balloon ..

   Anagram 31 Inch SuperShape From This Day Forward Marquee ..

  Mytex 18" Inch I Love You Heart Shape Colorful Hearts Balloon ..

Northstar 18 inch I Love You Pink Zebra -10%
  Northstar 18 inch I Love You Pink Zebra Foil Balloon Are you lo..
RM19.90 RM17.90

   Qualatex 18 Inch Holographic Love You Vibrant Hearts foil Bal..

  Mytex 18 Inch Multi Love Heart Shape Foil Balloon Retail Pa..

   Mytex Mini Shape Wedding Bride Foil Balloon ~ 5pcs Fo..

38 Inch Love Script Wording With Hearts Package ~ 9pcs -10%
   38 Inch Love Script Wording With Hearts Package ~ 9pcs&nb..
RM22.00 RM19.80

  Anagram 18 inch Bachelorette Sassy Party Foil Balloon Whether y..

   Conver USA 18 Inch Just Married Heart Shape Balloon L..

Mytex 18 Inch Unicorn Birthday in White ~ 2pcs -50%
   Mytex 18 Inch Unicorn Birthday in White ~ 2pcs A grea..
RM20.00 RM10.00

  Anagram 9 inch Happy Birthday To You Dots Foil Balloon ..

   Qualatex 18 Inch Birthday Pennants & Pink Stripes Foil Balloon..

19 inch Holographic Star Happy Birthday -10%
 Bright Type Sparkle Birthday Holographic 19 inch (48cm) Star Shape Foil Balloon 24515..
RM21.10 RM18.90

   Conver USA 18 Inch Birthday Circus Balloon This foil ..

   Anagram 17 Inch Minnie Happy Helpers Happy Birthday Balloon ..

 Anagram 19 inch Mickey 1st Birthday Foil Balloon Retail Packing View ..

Anagram 29 Inch Thomas The Tank Foil Balloon -10%
  Anagram 29 Inch Thomas The Tank Foil Balloon Party with Thomas,..
RM59.90 RM53.90

   Anagram 17 Inch Lego Batman Junior Shape Foil Balloon  ..

Disney Frozen Elsa 57" Inch Birthday Party Balloon Airwalker -10%
  Disney Frozen Elsa Airwalker 57" Birthday Party Balloon Decoration &nb..
RM158.90 RM143.00

   Mytex 50 Led String Battery Powered ~ 5m (AA Battery Operated) ..

  Hello Kitty Tween Letter Banner - Jumbo Letter Banner Kit ..

Summer Fun Under the Sea Scene Setter -10%
 Quickly convert your party room into an undersea utopia with this seascape decorating kit!..
RM59.40 RM53.40

  Adhesive Sticker Balloon Hangtab 100mmx20mm ~ 50 pcs Clear Hang..

Ferris Wheel Cake Stand Centerpiece -15%
   Ferris Wheel Cake Stand Centerpiece This Ferris Wheel..
RM45.90 RM39.00

   Betalic 16 Inch Symbol Ampersand [&] Foil Balloon  ..

16" Inch Happy Birthday Letter Dots Balloon ~ Blue/Pink -50%
  16" Inch Happy Birthday Letter Dots Balloon ~ Blue or PinkSuit..
RM79.80 RM39.90

16 Inch Gold Letter Foil Balloon -30%
 For North Star New Design Silver Color Letters Balloon please click here.   ..
RM9.30 RM6.50

16 Inch Rose Gold Happy Birthday Letters Deco Foil Balloon Set ~ 13pcs -50%
   16 Inch Rose Gold Happy Birthday Letters Deco Foil Balloon Set ~ 1..
RM79.80 RM39.90

Betallic 40" Inch Gold/Silver Alphabets Giant Letter Foil Balloons A-Z -25%
  Betallic 40" Inch Gold or Silver Color GIANT ALPHABET LETTER Foil Balloons..
RM59.90 RM44.90

 40 inch Number "1" Foil Balloon GoldThese 40 inch Gold Number "1"&..

Mytex 40 Inch Jumbo Number 2 Rose Gold Balloon -50%
   Mytex 40 Inch Jumbo Number 2 Rose Gold Foil Balloon&..
RM36.00 RM18.00

  Popular large Foil Gold Number balloons will play an important part in New Year,..

40 Inch Pink Hearts Numbers Foil Balloons 0-9 -30%
 40 Inch Pink Hearts Numbers Foil Balloons 0-9The perfect addition to any party!  ..
RM35.90 RM25.00

  Sempertex 12" Inch Satin Pearl Blue Round Balloon 440 ~ 100pcs&nbs..

  Sempertex 12" Inch Pastel Toffee Round Balloon 172 ~ 100pcs&n..

  Sempertex 12" Inch Pearl Pink Round Balloon 409 ~ 100pcs ..

  Sempertex 12" Inch Solid Jade Round Balloon 028 ~ 100pcs ..

  Sempertex 12" Inch Solid Lilac Round Balloon 050 ~ 100pcs  ..

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