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DIY Lesson #1: Mini Columns Balloon

Posted by delon 09/06/2016 0 Comment(s) DIY Lessons,

DIY Lesson #1: Mini Columns Balloon



It has been a few months after the last blog post. Since lot of our customers request for DIY lesson in our blog, today I am going to start showing one. This is of the most simply DIY balloon lesson. It will only take you the most 10 minutes to do this Mini Columns Balloon. I hope you can enjoy the lesson.


Usually people want to setup this type of decoration for table centerpiece. Great for baby shower party or full month’s events.  Of course you can also use them in your birthday party or wedding dinner. To make sure you fully understand our lesson, we include a video and a setup guide below.


Here is the video:


You can get all the above items from


Actually you only need 4 items. List them out below:


1. Balloon pump (from RM18.80)

2. Some 5 inch Balloons (From RM 19.00 ~ 100pcs)

3. Ribbons 10 meter x 2 (from RM 2.00)

4. 12 inch printed balloon or 18 inch Foil Balloon for Topper (From 12.00)


Everything will cost less than RM50 for you to DIY two mini balloon columns. If you going to ask someone to do it, market price should be around RM150 to 200 for this type of job, which mean you can easily save some money if you do it yourself! I also advise to do this with your family members or a few friends, you all will have some great time together.


The best part for this type of column balloon or sometime people call it pillars balloon is they do not need helium gas. Again you can save a lot since helium does not come cheap!


Below is the setup guide. Take your time and study them. If you have any question, you can always contact



The different is this balloon column is shorts as they only use 8 balloons. But the setup is the same. Also they use printed foil balloon as their topper! Nice right?


More sample for you all to have a look. Remember to stay creative!


Mix with color with 5 inch balloons.


Great for Valentine's Dinner!



Simple and nice birthday mini balloon column



Halloween night party?



Best for Kids Party Table Centerpiece



One year old birthday party



Hope you like this new section of D IY lessons for mini balloon columns, give us some comments and keep yourself busy this coming party!


Happy DIY Ballooning!




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