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Equipments & Tools - ULTRA HI-FLOAT® 5 Ounce with Pump - 150ml

NEW Equipments & Tools - ULTRA HI-FLOAT® 5 Ounce with Pump - 150ml
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Equipments & Tools - ULTRA HI-FLOAT® 5 Ounce with Pump - 150ml




ULTRA HI-FLOAT® 5 Ounce with Pump - 150ml


Treats up to 50-9inch balloons.
ULTRA HI-FLOAT increases the average float time of latex balloons by 25 times.


It is very easy to use ULTRA HI-FLOAT to extend the floating time of latex balloons.

With ULTRA HI-FLOAT, party decorations can be prepared a day ahead of time,

and balloon bouquets will float for several days.

HI-FLOAT is nontoxic and non-irritating.

It is very similar to the glue found on the back of postage stamps.

How to use ULTRA HI-FLOAT to increase float life:

Prime the pump by holding a cup under the outlet nozzle and pumping until HI-FLOAT begins to come out of the pump.

During the first few strokes, no liquid will come out of the pump.




Basic Instructions

1. Remove the cap from the bottle and securely attach the pump, then turn the pump counterclockwise to unlock the nozzle. (For the first use, hold a cup under the nozzle and pump several times until the HI-FLOAT comes out.)

2. Slide the balloon onto the nozzle until the balloon opening reaches the base of the nozzle.

3. For an 11-inch balloon depress the pump fully. For other sized balloons, consult the table below to determine how much HI-FLOAT to add.


Balloon Size

Press Down Pump

9 inches


11 inches

1 time

14 inches

2 times

16 inches

3 times



4. Pinch the balloon as it is removed, cleaning off the pump nozzle and keeping HI-FLOAT out of the neck of the balloon. Keeping HI-FLOAT out of the neck of the balloon will make it easier to handle and tie.

5. Rub the balloon for a couple of seconds to spread the HI-FLOAT inside the balloon. While rubbing, elevate the opening to allow air to escape and to prevent liquid from entering the neck of the balloon.

6. Inflate the balloon until it is almost pear-shaped. Hand-tie the balloon. It should float upright. Under-inflated balloons will not float upright and may lean to one side. Fully inflated balloons float straight up.


It takes a few hours after inflation for the ULTRA HI-FLOAT to dry enough so that it will not splatter if the balloon bursts. Although it is not toxic, wet, splattered ULTRA HI-FLOAT is sticky and could damage furniture or surfaces such as walls. Inflate the balloons and keep them away from such surfaces for the first few hours after inflation. If this is not possible, cover the immediate area with drop-cloths.


For added safety, glasses or safety goggles are recommended when inflating treated balloons to avoid eye contact. If ULTRA HI-FLOAT contacts the eye, flush with water for several minutes. If irritation persists, consult a physician.

One final note: HI-FLOAT is designed to work in balloons that are kept indoors in a climate-controlled location, with heater or air-conditioner running. HI-FLOAT treated balloons that are kept outdoors, in humid environments or in non-climate-controlled locations may not float for an extended time.


Imported from USA







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