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How long do the helium balloons stay afloat?

It all depends on what type of balloons. Below will give you some ideas.

  • 12" Latex balloons  -  6 to 8 Hours.
  • 18" Foil balloons - 3 to 5 Days.
  • 36" Foil balloons - 7 to 10 days.
Can I request a paper catalogue or price list for your products?

Sorry, do not provide a product catalogue or price list. Please kindly refer to our website for product information and prices.

Who do I contact to find out about my order's status?

Below are the ways you can contact us for order's status.

1. Email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

2. Sms or whatsapp us at 016-7466006.

3. Live chat support at Home Page.

4. Give us a call directly at 016-7466006 and we can look up your order information.

Do I need to register to place order?

Yes. Make sure you register first before ordering.

If i wish to unsubscribe newsletter, what should i do?

Subscribe to newsletter has many benefits, however, to discontinue, You may login to your account and unchecked the "subscribe to newsletter" box, or email us.

Possible to buy your products in bulk and have more discount?

Yes, just sent us an email telling us what products you are interested. We will get back to you asap with our best price.

Do you provide balloon decorations and other decoration set-up?

Yes, we do provide balloon decorations. Please kindly drop us an email at or live chat us with your requirements and budget so that we can provide you with a suitable proposal on your required items. All our ala-carte prices and balloon packages online in do not include setting up charge. 

How do i specify choice of color if you have various color choice?

Usually we have setup the option for you to choose when you trying to add that product to the shopping cart. Or you can specify the color of the product by telling us color and product ID in the comment text box during checkout process, or drop us an email after your order. we will check availability and feedback to you in less than 8 hours.
If you do not specify the color then we will just choose randomly when we are packing the order.


How long will my order take for it to be processed?

Upon order confirmation and receipt of full payment, we will process your order on the same or next working days.

How early must I place my order in advance to ensure that I receive my items on time?

If time permits, we recommend you to place your order online at least one week in advance. For customized items, it's have to be placed at least 2 – 3 weeks in advance.

Can I send you an email or phone order?

Unfortunately, we currently do not accept orders via telephone, whatsapp or email. We encourage all customers to place orders via our website for an efficient and secure experience.

What happen if my ordered items are out of stock?

Usually we will ask you whether to accept a replacement for the item. If not we will refund the amount back to you within 7 working days.

Is it possible for me to self-collect my items on the spot and pay thereafter in cash?

No, we do not allow self-collect at this moment. For Johor Bahru customer's ungent case, we can arrange for a hand delivery to your location at extra cost.

I have already placed my order online, but I want to add a few more items to my existing order. Is it possible?

No, all orders cannot be changed or cancelled once they have been confirmed so as to avoid confusion. You have to place another order and email us with both Order ID number. We will process your orders and pack them together.

How do I know whether you have received my placed order?

When you place an order you will receive an email from us. The order acknowledgement will contain your order number and order details. Please note that this is only to acknowledge that your order has been received and is not confirmation that your purchase has been made. When your goods have been sent to you, we will send you an order dispatch email, including delivery details and tracking information by email and Whatsapp.

what happened if i found out that my personal details or shipping address are incorrect after I placed an order?

If you notice your personal details or shipping address are incorrect once you have placed your order, please contact our customer service team by whatsapp/sms @ 016-7466006 or email us as soon as possible.

Mode of Payment

Do you accept cash on delivery?

No. Only payment before delivery.

What is the mode of payment for your site?

At this mode, we only accept paypal (debit and credit card) and bank transfer. For more information on payment mode,  please go to our payment information page.


What is the minimum amount to use paypal using credit or debit card?

The minimum amount for credit card is RM100. In order to maintain our high quality services and low prices, we will add 4% for paypal handling fee. There will be a extra 4% of the total transaction amount for the payment handling fee. Example: if your total amount is RM100.00 and you going to using paypal mode of payment, the total will be RM104.00 when you checkout.

Are the prices shown on your website nett?

Yes, all prices are nett and in Ringgit Malaysia (RM). We do not charge any additional Goods & Services Tax (GST).

Shipping and Delivery

How long does it takes to deliver to me?

Once we received confirmation of payment from you, your order will be sent out the next working day. it usually takes 2 to 5 working days depending on your location. Please refer to Shipping for more information.

How much does delivery cost me?

The shipping charges is FREE if your order is more than "Free Shipping Promotion" order amount. This "Free Shipping Promotion" banner will pop out and shown in your "Checkout Page", or feel free to contact us to find out the current "Free Shipping Promotion" details.

For order less than that, the shipping charges varies from RM10 to RM50, depending on your shipping address. This amount shown in your "Check Out" page is for 1st kg only. You may email us your address first to check how much does it cost to deliver to you. 

Shipping Fee for 1kg:

1. West Malaysia = RM10.00

2. East Malaysia = RM16.00

3. Malaysia Labuan = RM18.00

4. Brunei = Email us

5. Singapore = Email us

Do you deliver to Singapore?

Yes. And we do have Singapore's customer come in to JB "City Square" for self-collect with a small delivery fee. Please contact us first if you going to do it this way.

Do you deliver to anywhere in Malaysia?

Yes. we can deliver to anywhere in Malaysia, including East Malaysia & Labuan.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes, we do accept international order by using DHL or other shipping company. For International order, please email us first for shipping fee.

I would like to opt for self-collection for my order. May I know where is the order pickup location?

No, we do not provide self-collect anymore. All orders will be sent out and handle by local courier company.

Who bears the shipping fee for returns or warranty claim?

Buyer will need bear the return shipping fee when returning items back to us. No matter it is a warranty claim or exchange items.

What shipping companies are you using?

We are using Pos Laju, Skynet and Ta-Q-Bin. International orders we using DHL most of the time.

How do you handle missing packages?

Please note, is not responsible for damaged, lost, missing or stolen packages once the courier has picked up the package from our facility and is in route. If you need help, our customer service will assist you in filing a claim with the courier.

Why we cannot ask for self-collect?

It is not advisable as sometime our office will be close for events. Let say customer confirmed this Sunday coming to collect, but last minute we have a event to rush, office will be closed and you cannot collect your items!

Helium Gas

Where can I buy helium gas after getting your balloons?

Helium is available at most florists and all retail stores that sell Helium party balloons. If not, you can also consider buying portable Atex Box O Balloons ~ Helium Balloon Gas Tank For Party

What if I cannot find any helium near my place?

If you quantity is small (less than 20 for 12" balloons), better ask around your friends and family. Most of the places in Malaysia should have.

If you quantity is around 30 for 12" balloons, then you can consider our portable Atex Box O Balloons ~ Helium Balloon Gas Tank For Party

Or you can inflate it just using straws or balloon stick. Or you can click here and watch how she do it.

Any other solution if without helium gas?

Yes, you can blow the balloons using normal air, then use a double sided tape stick them to the ceiling. Cheap and easy!

How to Inflate a foil balloon just using straws?

Next video will let you understand how to put in the straw!