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Hi....thank you so much for the sofia the first background and air foil balloon. My two girls like them so much.! Your services is very fast. Next day morning already reach my house! Thanks again!
- Tracy Chung From Shah Alam
Extremely well priced, very helpful & answer all my questions. There was a lot of choice when it came to balloons & party items, but took the time to help me out. Thanks!!!
- Linda From Batu Pahat
You all are amazing. At, we cannot thank you enough for your care, service and advises for all products that they are selling. Beautiful!! You all the best!!!
- John Ang From Sarawak
Everything was just perfect & will be highly recommending to everyone who want to buy party items online. Delivery was fast too! Thanks again and hope to deal with them soon!
- K.Y. Lee from Melaka

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Decorator & Themed
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Peacock Balloons ~ 2 pcs YoYo Balloons NEW
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  Mytex 12" Inch AO White Polka Dots Color Color Balloon ~ 10&n..
  Mytex 12" Inch AO White Polka Dots Blue Color Balloon ~ 10 pc..
  Mytex 12" Inch AO White Polka Dots Crystal Clear Balloon ~ 10 ..
  Mytex 12" Inch AO White Polka Dots Fuchsia Color Balloon ~ 10..
  Mytex 12" Inch AO White Polka Dots Green Color Balloon ~ 10 p..